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Chapter 1: Youth-o-topia - The rest of your life, a time for your dreams to come true
Chapter 2: Respectfully Yours - The world bows to its elders.

Where in the world are seniors considered healthy, wealthy, and wise?

The cultural bias in “elder wisdom”.

“Respect your elders”, a message for seniors!

History’s famous family of creative elders.

Timeless values.

Cultures of community elders.
Chapter 3: Youth-o-nauts - Wisdom embodied in Grandma and Grandpa

Outrageous Great-Great-Great-Great grandparents

Vintage lives - That was a GOOD YEAR!

How to grow and outdistance your own crop of grandchildren

Seniors Olympics: The new testing ground

Youth-o-nauts unite!

Did you really do that?
Chapter 4: Wisdom of the Ages (clue: Don’t Age!).

Re-awakening of the memory of “Forever Young”.

Growing younger one thought at a time.

Secrets of the world’s longest living people.

Authentic Aging Formula #1 - DON”T AGE!

Words from the Wise Elders.

The morphic field of all life.

The Circle of life is a circle not a line.

When 40 + 40 = 30.  Years can equal youth.
Chapter 5: Myths about aging.

The Vision - Healthy Wealthy and Wise.

Stronger and wiser.

“It takes a village” to youth an elder.

When you think you are old remember that the universe is billions of years old.

Reinventing a new cultural myth.

The cradle is the limit; the sky is NOT the limit.
Chapter 7: Diet for a youthing body
Chapter 8: Water IS youth - Hydration - becoming a plum, not a prune, as you age

Taking out the trash.  Washing your 50 trillion cells daily.
Chapter 9: You’ve gotta be serious.  NOT

The role of humor in youthing.

Smile! The power of the smile to create a young heart and face.
Chapter 10: The Biology Empowered Elders

Where attention goes energy flows.

The psychology of youth.

“Out of my way nurse I am taking back my power” or “Doctor I won’t be needing you anymore!”

Brains get better.

Sleep and circadian rhythms.

The five senses - See Smell Taste Touch Hear Youth.

Chapter 11: All you need is love

The value of community and extended family.

Loneliness kills.

Faith in the fantastic.

A higher power.

Chapter 12: Life is a game.  Play it like a winner.

Creative play for youthing.

The Intelligence of play.

Fake it till you make it!
Chapter 13: The best is yet to come.  Looking forward to Living.

You will see it when you believe it!  Affluent elders.

The best years of your life.

Rewriting the future.

Investing in the future.

True 14-Karat Golden years.

Networking the numbers.  The new global family of ageless bodies and global grand parents.

Talkin’ bout my generation - some modern-day luminaries

Chapter 14: If not you, who?  If not now, when?

No regrets!!  No excuses!!


The gift of healthy, wealthy, and wise.

When you are having fun - reframing the bigger picture.
Chapter 6: Reinventing Your Future

It’s all in your head.

Playing make believe.

What are old people for?

The Older the Better; Wine gets better with Age.

The magic of metaphors.

Empowering words and thoughts.

Why you think what you do.  Cultural conditioning is a trance.